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To maximize the agility of our clients’ virtual enterprise, and to truly provide our clients with a complete and convenient service for their Mobile App development and design, Printernet Media offers Hosting and Cloud services through our sister company, BIS Corp (Business Integration Services). 

 BIS Corp is a premier provider of Cloud services to small and mid-sized businesses that use the power of technology to execute their business strategy or just to increase bandwidth capacity or add capabilities quickly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software. 

Unlike traditional hosting, Cloud computing offers the flexibility to increase or decrease services as fully managed by the provider.

BIS' knowledgeable team of experts will evaluate your needs and create a customized package for your business. Our Tier I Cloud infrastructure ensures high reliability delivered from secure datacenters. We offer hosted Microsoft Exchange email, VoIP telephony, instant messaging, file management, security and backup support for a full range of smart phones and tablets.

Our certified support professionals will monitor your usage and are available around the clock.